Renting a home can have some really great advantages that are often overlooked. Home repairs come quickly to my mind…especially the super costly ones!  However, there are some unfortunate disadvantages too, including how to refresh the look of the rental without making permanent changes to the home.  Generally a fresh coat of paint does wonders for a room, adds a fresh look, creates a feeling of cleanliness, and can really change the entire look to the decor; yet, painting is often not an option when renting.  So how can you get the same home refresh without painting?  I am struggling with this very dilemma as I am typing. It is spring after all (ignoring the nor’easter happening as I type!)  Looking around my home, it really needs a fresh coat of paint, but since that’s not going to happen, I need alternatives.  Getting creative with this is the fun part, so here are my three tips to give your rental a fresh look:

Option 1: Fun Wall Decor

First off, looking locally, I have found some really great wall hangings.  These choices would offer a fabulous spring choice as well as help offset the dullness of my paint.  I have noticed numerous big box home decor stores with this look as well, but I am loving the more rustic look found in the wood and burlap bow.  A small sprig of yellow or pop of color added to the wreath would transform this into a spring/summer conversation piece!  This window decoration is found at Domestic Possessions in Madison.  

Another option, at Domestic Possessions as well, I am eyeing is similar but more artsy and a bit less traditional.  I love the chicken wire behind, which adds an entire new element to the look.  Also check out the cute sconces next to the window.  So cute!


Option 2: Add a New Rug or Throw Pillows

This option actually makes a big difference in a room.  A new rug (especially a fun one) instantly adds a focal point for the eye, and creates an inviting softness that beckons one to enter the room.  Throw pillows and blankets create the same effect, and can really change the look of a room.  I am loving this rug from Pottery Barn and these throw pillows.


Option 3: New, Fresh Scents

I also love candles and hand soaps, and changing these out is a great way to bring spring into the home.  Recently, I found the Root Honey Blends candle at the Saybrook Country Barn in Old Saybrook.  Made of beeswax, it’s natural and smells so good!  Now I just need a little honey to go along with it…yummmm.

A few little spring home refresh ideas, what have you seen?  Any other ideas?