Who loves takeout?  I have a takeout win with this restaurant in Chester that is in need of a community spotlight!  

So this week is an interesting week at my house.  I have absolutely nothing on the calendar after school.  It is the only week in the history of weeks (this school year) in which there is nothing on the calendar.  Nothing.  Zip. Nada.  It is amazing- cue the Ed Sheeran music!  My normal weeks consist of driving and dropping, picking up, picking up another kid, and dropping them off again.  Generally, we are not all home until 7:30 or 8:00 at night all at once so it makes for some tough dinner plans and really busy evenings.  This week I am going to revel in the amazement of nothing.  The pure awesomeness of my whole family being home every single evening.  Yes, I will probably go a bit insane at the monotony of it all, but for now on this Monday morning, I will be happy in the peace because next week it goes back to crazy.  

My crazy might look a lot like your crazy???  My biggest problem by mid-week is deciding what to have for dinner.  On Sundays, I have grandiose plans of cooking a full week of meals, complete with table settings and everything; yet, that doesn’t happen much past the second day of the week. This is a normal looking week:  Mondays-great, nice home cooked meal, all sitting down at table (even though it is 7:30 p.m.), Tuesdays- home cooked meal, everyone fends for themselves… oops.  Wednesdays-leftovers.  Thursdays- ummm do we have anything in the fridge to eat?  And by Friday, I have given up, it’s time for a take out or delivery.  Does this sound like anyone else?  Please tell me I’m not the only one.

When we first moved here, finding the staple take out places that will suffice Thai Riverside in Chester Connecticutin the occasional (who are we kidding, weekly), emergency take out place was essential to find.  Along the shoreline there are some great restaurants and ones that we really like to visit including the establishments already highlighted on this blog in the spotlights; however, takeout is special a special kind animal to find.  And after one year, 2 months, and a lot of take out, we have found our favorite…Thai Riverside in Chester.  Yummy, delish, Thai food.  Our favorite menu items include the spring rolls, pad thai, hot basil, shrimp asparagus, and the drunken noodles. Everything we have tried by Thai Riverside is sooooo good.  

I would love to hear your favorite take-out places along the Shoreline, I am always up for trying new places!