Farm to table is the new black.  Or the new hot ticket menu requirement for many seeking out which restaurants to dine.  Farm to table restaurants are popping up all over on the countryside and in towns to meet the demand of fresh, healthy foods with simple ingredients. Osa, the new restaurant in Middletown, meets those needs for the shoreline in a unique and chic way.


Hip new bar in middletown ct, OSA

Located in the heart of downtown Middletown, the new restaurant is tucked into a small, reinvented space.  The focal point of the restaurant is the beautiful wood ceiling, adorned with slats that let the light peek through for a soft ambiance.  The bar invites patrons to sit, highlighting the many offerings that are both interesting and tasty.  The small number of seats in the restaurant includes a large community table in the middle, perfect for large group meetings, a party, or for just meeting a girlfriend for drinks.


Osa Menu

Osa Middletown CT

The showcase of Osa is the food. When I visited with a group of friends late last month we each tried different plates and drinks. Each of the interesting menu items that evening was presented with a flair and all the dishes had a great flavor.  The shishito peppers were my favorite, roasted and charred perfectly, sprinkled with toasted nuts and scallions–really a great dish.  Our table also tried the stuffed green olives, a local cheese plate, and a variety of other special dishes. The drinks were on point as well, with a variety of cocktails and beers on tap to entice all visitors.

Overall Experience

Overall, we enjoyed our night out at Osa.  The service was good and the food was full of flavor.

Osa is located in Middletown CTThe piece I found difficult was translating the menu…the waiter did do a pretty good job of explaining the small plates and dishes; however, small explanations in print would be a great addition to the ever-changing menu.  The small plates and main dishes alter frequently to match and showcase the local ingredients found in Connecticut and New England.

A visit to Osa is definitely in order to experience the relationship of the community’s connection to local farmers and to the environment. The experienced owners’, who also own Krust in Middletown as well, the latest venture will be a hit among the up and coming looking for a healthy place to call their favorite venue.