2018! Another new year and with that new beginning, home decor is expected to be taking on some new bold changes.  As always, no matter the trends or styles, it is all about what you love, regardless of what is currently in or yesterday’s now past trend.  However, it’s always fun to look at the new things on the horizon and see these current top trends of today especially as a brand new calendar year commences.  Along with these exciting and new home trends are those trends that the designers-in-the-know are saying are no longer and should be on the way out. So here it goes, new home trends for 2018!

Colors for Cozy Feels

First off, all white interiors are on their way out,  Swap that choice out now by adding some wood tones in with the whites and add new neutrals such as creams, greens, blues, and grays.  Grays are still the ‘in’ color for walls but mixing in the woods and colors can be enhancing the moods of coziness and warmth.  

Ummm…. yes!!!

In the kitchen, and in other rooms, it is good-bye to the accent wall. You know the contrasting wall color of the last couple of decades.

This is a fad that has been retired and instead, for wall interest, the decor is given interest by incorporating texture such as with wainscoting or with a statement ceiling. Heads up! Don’t forget that fifth wall.  Textured wallpapers, tin tiles in large sizes, shiplap and wooden beams are all a yes for the ceilings.  Or you might want to try a bold paint color to enhance that ceiling.


Everything, including the kitchen sink, is listed to be changed if you are going with the new home trends. The farmhouse integrated sink trend is a must and perhaps in concrete, stone, or brass will take on the 2018 statement. Another current trend in sinks and appliances is the new fingermark proof black stainless steel. It makes a stunning statement.

The next item in the kitchen that may be a surprise but kitchen cabinets are going green. Yes, a green color is the one you may see a lot of as you thumb through the home decor magazines.  Literally, cabinets are going green. Again, combined with brass, cream, and rich woods, this shade makes this new color a perfect fit for the new trends. 

As far as kitchen cabinetry itself,  the open shelving look seems to be going out with a renewed sense, once again, of the expressions cabinets can offer. So then, if green just isn’t your first choice,  expect to see cabinets appreciated in warm grays, blues, creams, as well as wood tones. Linens in kitchens are staying with the classic combination of black and whites as it positively affects the striking styles of the colors and cabinets as described.

kitchen goals for new home trends


Counters in kitchens are staying with the definite statement pieces. Beautiful options include expanding from granite to quartz.  One aspect that is definitely in is the character in the countertop.  Realistic veining resembles slabs of natural stone. It definitely will have the wow factor.  Here again, the countertops are often found in the new greige, off grays, and other very subtle colors. In general, the countertop and the backsplash are harmonious.  Large subway tile is popular and is the now trendy choice for the backsplash. It can perhaps be with a few twists such as a tile resembling wood, marble or brick to make it just a little different than ordinary. The backsplash tends to be a canvas to try out bold and captivating styles and now often has become something of a statement as well.  It may even extend in some places to the ceiling, depending on the design of the kitchen.

Living Spaces

Decorating the living spaces are taking on many changes.  Opt now for earthier materials, like wood, clay, and metal with worn finishes.  It is the time to probably not paint all your wood furniture that seemed to be the trend the last ten or more years. Restrain. Let the pieces have their natural glory and their stories. Along with this, instead of buying the complete living room or family room sets that match, mix it up. Living rooms can be beautiful and be inviting with large chairs in a circle around a large coffee table. You don’t necessarily need the matching sofa, loveseat, and chairs of yesterday.  

These Eggree chairs–LOVE!

Also what could be more inviting and soothing than velvet? It’s a luxurious feel and is welcoming, especially mixed with reclaimed wood and woven baskets.  These materials add not just coziness but dimension to the rooms in which you are decorating and living in this 2018 and beyond.  Rather it is a velvet upholstered set of chairs, a single chair, or a velvet throw or pillow…they are interests to be considered.  Expect to see warm shades of blue, burgundy, and dark grays in furniture choices.  Quirky curves are also in and fun and can be part of the shapely, inviting silhouette of your living spaces.

Stay up to date on new home trends

One of my favorites from Restoration Hardware

Also, switch things up as you decorate the bedrooms.  Have interesting bedding. The days of the white coverlet, white shams and a duvet on every bed are changing. More patterns in bedding are being seen, complete with interesting monograms for accents.  Custom upholstered headboards are adding statements. Floral pieces are having a major comeback rather it be in the bed coverings or using a bright, floral chair to add to the bedroom decor.

Bathrooms are not to be overlooked as we update for 2018 and beyond. The bathroom can still be a personal sanctuary. Using floating shelving will increase the perception of space. And, brass or gold tones mixed with chrome in bathroom fixtures are making a huge comeback.  This new tone twist is the perfect complement to the cooler gray paints that the bathroom should be painted to meet the new era.  Warmer golds mixed with brass and silver can be part of the accent pieces as well,  such as the mirrors and light fixtures.  Small pendant lighting is something that you should strongly consider.

Other general trends throughout the house include a decor color that looks great and is called the millennial pink. Yes, blush is back.  Designers say that this color is here to stay and anything in blush can be a quiet addendum to any and all rooms.  These pieces of color can be from vintage glassware to velvet or fluffy pillows, to blush chairs.  All will look spot on in the new era.


Also in updating floors, look for vinyl flooring, As the designers say vinyl flooring “has come a long ways” and these floors not only offer wood look vistas but also make the floors themselves softer and warmer than many of the trends of the past few years.  The designs available are countless and beautiful and are what most decorators are recommending for the upcoming design trends. The other trend includes the new stick on subway large tiles for kitchens and baths in the backsplashes and in showers.  These are the  “in” new ‘thing’  and especially great if you don’t have a fortune to make improvements.  What a great find.


Also out are the signs on walls that spell out Family or even have full quotes (hmpf, I still love them!).  Canvases with family names and in frames have replaced this trend.  Vintage signs and other objects repurposed into art have made a strong comeback.  In other words, look for less literal ways of expressions as you decorate for this new era.  

Subtle Pink for cozy feels are a new home trend

Subtle pink for cozy feels

Another out that may be a little bit surprising, is the use of barn doors and shiplap while decorating various rooms around the home. Nothing, according to design experts, spell 2017 and earlier than these two decor items.

So move over yesteryear designs.  We are ready to add millennial pink, green, blues, and lavenders. Stay ahead in the decor game.  Think timeless. Basically, 2018 and beyond looks as if it is designed with softer tones. All will compliment people’s’ desires for cozy and welcoming homes. So, welcome 2018!  

Sound Off: New Home Trends

We would love to hear from you and see your spaces!  What are some new design ideas you are doing this year to keep your house modern and fresh? I am currently re-doing our new home complete with 2018 new home trends… pictures and a blog to come!