And now, onto two more fascinating reasons on the many joys of living in Connecticut. As I referred to in the first installment, the idea of being able to be at the beach and on the ski slopes twenty minutes later is almost like a dream coming true. However, let us delve a little deeper into what this area offers in the way of outdoor activities.

Outdoor Activities

Let’s look at that day at the beach a bit more in depth. Playing in the sand, swimming in the salt water, basking in the sun are great beach days as you sit and eat those phenomenal lobster rolls in that picnic lunch that sits besides you. In addition, the opportunities to go deep sea fishing the many joys of living in connecticutshould also be on your bucket list or maybe just enjoy that yacht cruise. Can’t you just imagine pulling in that large marlin though? I must also include the river fun that we have enjoyed. Tying together three or four large boats to use as our home bases as we swim and jump off inflatables makes a day of perfect family fun.

Then, we are off to the ski slopes. Granted, they are not the Rocky Mountain black slopes, but they are just about perfect for a day with small children. Bunny slopes to intermediate offer just the right amount of challenge for everyone.

Hiking is also a real perk. Every season offers it’s own beauty as walks are taken. One area that is enjoyable are the hiking trails at Chatfield Hollow Park. With a covered bridge, hiking trails, woods galore, and a lake, what more could you ask for? Hiking in Devil’s Hop Yard offers these perks plus more. Add in waterfalls and a little more rigorous walk and it’s made for everyone. Hiking could also be a part of the fun as you stroll along the waterfront, or the historic townships. Every place offering its own story to ponder as hiking becomes a part of the world from the past into the present.Living in Connecticut offers many perks like nature trails and parks.


When we first moved here, I did a great deal of research on the schools. The schools in this area sounded as if they all offered the type of challenging, rigorous education that we had hoped to find for our children. Sometimes the write/ups might seems better than they really are. Not here. We have found these schools to be top notch. From offering  dependable and safe bus service at our front door, to the actual brick and mortar of the schools, to caring teachers, to a relevant and advanced curriculum, we made the right decision. These schools have engaged the hearts and the minds of our kids. Learning here, despite the grade level, seems to pursue deeper understanding that are authentic, respectful, and impactful experiences. For example, the third grade took a field trip to study historical events, in a graveyard, the fifth grade have done numerous activities to create, discover, and go beyond the school walls. The kindergarten class, too, sets the stage for all these future learning experiences. And the love for learning and the stimulation of curiosity has been instilled and set.

The area provides these great schools and amazing, wonderful teachers and for these things I am thankful beyond belief. In addition, activities such as music, theatre, physical education are also a part of the all-round education. Parents are encouraged to be actively involved in the school with open houses, first Friday reads, and many other activities that offer so much to the entire family.

Thus, in looking over these five areas of the wonders of living in Connecticut, I’m thinking oh maybe I should include this or that. I didn’t talk about the seafood to die for, the ease to travel across the states in New England, the awesome  friends you can make and who become your extended family, the abundance of club sports, bleeding blue and white for their college basketball team…  Whatever the case, our move to CT could not have been any better.