New duvet helps add a little color pop to the room featured on our links and likes

New duvet helps add a little color pop to the room.

Hello all!  Happy February…can we pretend to be excited? I mean there is a President’s school break coming up after all! I am thrilled about this series for the blog, I have seen many variations of bloggers links and likes, and I thought this would be a perfect addition to add.  My first idea for this series is a little house help, because let’s be honest, whether just moving into a new home or living in the same house for years and years, refreshing the home decor is necessary.

When I moved out of my first house and started to move into our ‘dream/forever’ home (We have since moved again.), I was completely shocked on how dated all my decor looked in a new space.  It was like I had stopped looking at my previous house and went with status quo. Pretty sure most people do this, hence the 70’s decor in some recent pictures for an open house I saw or the 80’s bathroom at our cabin at the lake (retro is cool, right?).

So I have come to the conclusion that a refresh is necessary every few years, let’s say every five-ish years.
Now this can be as simple as changing the lamp shades… going from a dated print to a chevron print in my pre-teen’s room made a big difference!!  Another example was changing the bedspread in my guest bedroom which helped add an instant modern new look for the whole room.

Now it would be great if I could do an all house update, but for now, I will start small.  Here are some of my other favorite links and likes from around the web this week that might help us all get started:

From Around the Web

~ I am in love with this Cupcakes and Cashmere ‘Klim’ Bedding Collection from Nordstrom.  The soft colors meets bold aztec print.  It also looks great with this ‘Cuddle Up’ Faux Fur Heart Accent Pillow for a cute accent in a teen bedroom.

~ I need to spruce up the entryway to our home, but there just isn’t much room.  Rustic Barn CTIf I could add in a piece like in the picture, a simple rustic table complete with decorations from The Rustic Barn, I know it would be a show stopper.  Oh well, in my next house.

My empty dining room definitely in need of a little design help.

My empty dance dining room, definitely in need of a little design help.

~ Our dining room is really not our dining room; I call it the ‘dance’ room because that’s where we break out the moves every full moon.  Kidding.  I have dreams of getting a custom farmhouse table, sort of like this or this.  

~ I love this 15 Livable Home Trends for 2017 for bigger makeover ideas or for moving into a new house!  The curused wood in the bathrooms paired with white creates a really clean look. This is just one of many fun trends to consider as you peruse this link.

What are some of your favorite finds this week?  Any amazing home refresh ideas? What a fun way to spend these February days… dreaming, planning, updating and decorating.