I love hosting parties, and hosting parties in a new home on the Shoreline is absolutely the best… partly because it is an exciting way to meet new neighbors and friends, a bit that it is the only time my house is sparkling clean, and partly because of the great food found at this place in Killingworth. What a big plus!  As a kid, I remember getting ready for football parties, or New Year’s parties– the excitement to have friends over and play was almost too much.  The anticipation was intense!  Now I feel like there is never enough time in the day to prepare dinner, much less time to actually host a party.  Nevertheless, I find myself wanting to host a little soiree, or maybe a watch party…“This is Us,” (ummm crazy good, right now, btw) or maybe a Grammy’s party complete with a Beyonce Lemonade theme. Now that sounds like a great idea, doesn’t it? 

TThe Cooking Company, located in Killingworth CThe best part of all of this planning, as aforementioned,  is that I found a great gem right down the road in Killingworth called The Cooking Company, to help with my so-called theme parties (also a great idea to use for a housewarming party, dinner after a long day moving into your new home, the pool party, or whatever suits your fancy.).  I have absolutely no affiliation with this cute restaurant, I just happen to like it and I wanted to do a spotlight on my go-to restaurant in the area. My friend was the culprit to turning me onto this place, and she did this for absolutely no reason (yes, she is amazing)  by bringing me the most delish soup, the butternut maple soup. I haven’t looked back since…this place is simply a tasty, delectable life savior. So The Cooking Company is what I am thinking for my Grammy’s watch party,….and maybe I could use it to host that housewarming party too! Ahhhhh so many ideas!!

I will be highlighting the shoreline area in my spotlight posts; do you have any other hotspots you would like to see featured?  Let me know!!! In the meantime, I’ll be checking out other places and planning the next get together. Let’s see now….Valentine’s Day? I’d better get to planning.