Whether you have just purchased your new home or have been thinking of updating for a while, renovation projects can be quite stressful and expensive. But nonetheless, updating can greatly increase the value of your home and may very well be worth it if you plan on selling or if you are just looking for a fresh new look. Here are some tips we found over the years on how to update your kitchen, while at the same time keep costs down and not breaking the bank.

tips for updating your kitchenA little Paint, Goes A Long Way!

Use lighter, neutral colors in your kitchen to make space seem bigger. Lighter colors help reflect more light; making your kitchen instantly feel brighter and more open. This applies to cabinets as well. Combine this with our next tip, and you can instantly make your kitchen look more expensive.

Update Your Hardware

This is probably one of the easiest ways to dress your kitchen up. Before you just buy any hardware, be sure to follow a few tips.

  • Style – What style are you looking for? Is your kitchen a modern, transitional, traditional, farmhouse or other? Hardware is made in all types of styles, colors, and materials,  so make sure you get something that works with your kitchen. Opt for something classic and timeless, as these work with any style of kitchen.
  • Function – This is probably the most important factor when updating your hardware. Do not trade function for style. Unique hardware may look beautiful in your kitchen, but if a certain shape or style is going to annoy you over time, do no install it. After all, you’re going to spend a decent amount of time handling the hardware by opening drawers and cabinets; so its best to get something that is comfortable to grip. If you have kids, make sure you get something strong enough to last and hold over time. We all know how much kids love to climb and pull on those drawers!
  • Consistency – If you plan on getting hardware that doesn’t match the style of the kitchen, be sure to stay consistent at least. Don’t get mix matched colors, or hardware made of different materials. People will notice.

Open Up

Are your cabinet just too bland? Remove the upper cabinet doors and opt for open cabinets instead or install shelves in its place! This open concept makes a kitchen feel larger and will provide focal points in your kitchen. Don’t want to remove the doors? Perhaps you can switch to glass doors to add some extra eye appeal. Here’s a great DIY guide to help you with adding glass doors to your cabinets.

Switch Out Lighting

Lighting is a key component when renovating your kitchen. Make sure you have optimal lighting in areas where you will be cooking or prepping food. Add extra details to your kitchen by adding under-cabinet lighting to brighten up your counters, while still staying under budget. Also, you can add some pendant lighting that will set and match the overall style of your kitchen.

How to update your kitchen on a budgetAdd a Backsplash

Simply put, adding a backsplash to your kitchen will add overall beauty to the area. This is one of the easiest ways to add a bit of class and elegance and make your kitchen warm and inviting. There are hundreds of varieties to choose from like styles, colors or patterns as well as material. Backsplashes add a focal point to a plain looking kitchen, so without spending too much, you can add a bit of style to your kitchen.

Update Appliances

Add more appeal to your kitchen by updating old appliances. Since appliances take up a good portion of your kitchen space, they tend to be focal points in your kitchen. This is why updating your appliances could make your kitchen feel brand new at a fraction of the cost. While most homeowners will opt for stainless steel appliances, however, if you’re working on a budget, your appliances to not have to be top of the line. If that’s the case, be sure that whatever appliances you do get, that they match each other and have a clean and cohesive look.