House Staging

It’s time. You have decided to sell your home and move into something that fits your family’s needs just a bit better. Maybe you need more space or maybe you want it to be smaller. Whatever, the reason the time has come to put that for sale sign out in the front yard. The excitement is intermixed with some nostalgia but beginning to look for a new home is also something filled with enthusiasm.  As you begin to look for new houses, there is a lot to do.  It’s time to get your current house ready for the realtor, time to get your home ready for open houses, and for prospective buyer showings. In other words, it is time to do some house staging and show all its beautiful strengths. This will help you get ideas for a budget-friendly and effective house staging. 

First Stepscurb appeal, home staging

Of course, you must grab those prospective buyers from the curbside. They will more than likely be driving by homes that meet their wishes and this will be their first impression. Maybe you will need to add some potted flowers, make sure the lawn is mowed and manicured, and perhaps powerwash the walkways and driveway. Remember those first impressions are powerful. Try checking out other featured listings in your area to see where your own house needs some work from the outside.

Now then, on to the inside house staging. First of all, get rid of the clutter  Maybe some of the pieces of furniture might have to go. Removing needless pieces will make your home appear bigger and at the same time, allow the newbies to be given a chance to envision their own furniture in these spaces. Not only the big furniture pieces might need to be minimized in number but take a look around too and notice all the nick nacks that have been accumulated. You will need a good packing box and get rid of at least half of those items. Any personal awards, electronics, toys, etc. make it difficult for a buyer to see the home itself. Simply put, they want to imagine themselves in it and their things. If you have your house too full of all your personalized belongings, they might not be able to see past that.

Declutter when house staging

As you are decluttering, make sure you clean, clean, and clean. Mopping, dusting, vacuuming, washing windows until they are spotless, cleaning baseboards and vents,  shining light fixtures, organizing under sink cupboards, cleaning both cabinets and other closets…..all necessary. Clean everything. Immaculate is the goal and the key word here.

Easy Decorative Tips

Do some minor redecorating of your home as you move the furniture,  or as you clean and declutter. Remember that having furniture pushed against the walls is not always the best look.  Instead, move what furniture you are keeping into conversation groups.  This will open up space once again. At the same time, maybe you want to move an accessory, a picture or a piece of furniture to another room that may need something special to show it off.

Make sure all rooms have a purpose. Simply adding a reading chair, a small table, and a lamp would make a junk room have a purpose for living.

Soft grays and proper seating for proper house staging

Great lighting is always important in staging your home to sell.  Even changing the wattage in your lamps will help.  If you can do this for all your lighting types: your ambient overhead lights, your task lights like reading or under cabinet lights, and your accent lights on your tables, your home will be seen in its best light, so to speak. This simple step will showcase your rooms which is the ultimate goal.

If you have the time or have bright colors in your house, (that bright rust-colored wall, for instance) that you love a lot but someone else might not, you will want to paint. Actually, this repainting process is a really good idea in staging.  Grays, soft taupes or the new color greige are welcoming colors and usually liked by all. Adjacent rooms should be of these same neutral colors, if possible. Remembering that neutral shades sell best is a key here.  In addition, if the doors and casings look outdated, give them a fresh coat of sparkling white paint. All of this will make the whole house look cleaner and more contemporary.

Rehang those pictures on the walls. The pictures that you have decided to keep up, that is. Break up the straight lines and vary the groupings. Keep in mind here that excessive photos of your family are probably not what the new owner wants to see. One or two of these personal pictures can personalize and might be good but don’t overdo that personalization. Buying new artwork might be a good idea instead. It can add to the ambiance of the rooms and can also be taken with you to your new home.

If you do still have decor items in the rooms, group those accessories in groups of three by imagining a triangle and placing each at the points of the triangle rather far or close together.  If there are more than three to a grouping, think odd numbers though.  Vary the height, width, shape, color, and texture for an inviting, effective grouping no matter the number in the grouping. Here buyers can get ideas for when they will decorate this house.

Spruce UpAdd seasonal flowers to your house staging

House staging often incorporates fresh flowers pertaining to the season in them. It’s a good thought to maybe add or mix fresh ferns from your yard in the spring, or summer blooms in the summertime or fall’s vibrant foliage, or holly branches and berries in the winter. They can add to your home if you have a special spot for them and the new buyers -to- be can see how you have used the beautiful yard to its maximum. Along with this, staging a kitchen with flowers or these natural addendums, for a punch of color is effective.

It is just not the main rooms or the main levels that need house staging. Just as important are the bedrooms.  Soft colors, here again, are important. Serene and peaceful are keywords for the bedrooms.  Neutral bedding can be enhancing to the bedrooms, even in children’s rooms, where maybe you leave just their Spiderman pillow or only a picture of Faith Hill and declutter the rest. Again, the more the buyers can see what their house will look like with their things the better and the quicker the sale.  Don’t forget to clean out all bedroom closets too.  The storage space should be a highlight of the staging process because in a showing this will be a priority for most if not all buyers.

And, now to the bathrooms.  Rolled up new towels, new decorative baskets, and candles are a budget conscious way to stage this room.  All can create a polished, spa-like look. If the kids have their own bathroom, consider updating this room especially. Again, maybe the new buyer does not have children.  

Don’t Forget the Repairs

Make any repairs that are needed and noticeable.  Repair any squeaky doors, or chipped paint, or broken anything.  Maybe even replace some of the outdated light fixtures and switches if necessary.  Old worn carpets should go if possible and consider replacing with an inexpensive area rug that you like well enough to be used in your next, new home.  Consider replacing old tile in the bathrooms, but if this is too costly, scouring the grout is simple with bleach and water. A new trend too is to paint the drab tile which gives a low-cost alternative. Any of these up to date ideas can bring in big bucks. Remember though save your renovation dollars, as you do all these repairs and updates, for your new home.  

Now, your house staging is done. Take a step back, walk in your home and pretend as if you are seeing it for the first time. It will look beautiful, cozy, inviting and most importantly, something a buyer will want to make his/her own. Now it is time to think about not just the sale date, but also when will it be time to pop that closing champagne drink? And, along with that, the celebratory drink in your next home. For Sale sign is gracing the front yard, as we speak.