This is exciting! This is the feeling that I experienced when I walked into an establishment just a few short days ago. I knew immediately that it was going to be a really fun restaurant and a place I would be raving about in the weeks ahead.  A place that definitely would warrant an immediate return, maybe even make it the setting of the pre-watch party for an NBA final game, and a place that I couldn’t wait to tell you Engine Room is located in the old Lathrop Marine Engine Building in Mystic, CT.about, The Engine Room in Mystic, CT

 I really like those types of places, a place that grabs you from the minute you step through the door….and, lo and behold,  I found such a spot in Mystic.  This particular community spotlight was really fun to research, in part, due to Mystic itself, as a town, having so many fun places to see–shops, the variety of restaurants, the people! Mystic truly has ambiance in its own right.    I will explore all of these impressions in another blog post soon,  but this one focuses specifically on the fun little restaurant, The Engine Room. Located at the old Lathrop Marine Engine Building with river views, this restaurant deserves its own little slice of Mystic attention.  

From the lunch and dinner menu to the cocktail concoctions, The Engine Room hits the nail on the head in making each selection, choice, and decoration a part of the overall experience.  It’s almost hard to describe how the old engine building creates a contemporary, and creative American feel that is country…but not.  Old barn wood adorns the walls, black ruched leather benches, and metal chairs all meld together to seamlessly establish an ambiance that makes you feel comfortable and hip all at once.  

The Hanover Burger featured at the Engine Room.

The Hanover Burger

The menu offers some fun takes on the traditional burgers and bar fare.  We tried a few of the bar bite starters including the Carolina Hush Puppies deliciously served with a jalapeno mayo that paired perfectly for an exploding taste!  I plan to try the Mystic Cheese Co Sea Change the next time I visit, sounds so good with roasted rhubarb, mixed greens, candied pecans, local honey and olive oil…what?!?!  Yum!  The Mushroom Mae Burger called my name. It was made with Beriah Lewis beef with local mushrooms, Melinda Mae cheese and shallot and aioli.  It was large, juicy and absolutely deliciously delectable. To top it off, french fries were perfect.

Salads, chicken and waffles, fish of the day, and even milkshakes round out the menu with some serious delish choices.  The food at the surrounding Craft beer, original cocktails available at the Engine Room.tables all looked so good, which of course, warrants a return; but, I think the star of the show was the overall feeling and ambiance of the restaurant with the rustic, contemporary feel and the fun atmosphere wafting from all the rafters!

Would love to hear from you.  Have you been to the Engine Room?  What are your other Mystic favorites? I look forward to exploring Mystic even further and of course, in doing so, the Engine Room will be at the top of my list to explore once again. Thinking about it makes my mouth water already. Maybe today is a good day to go, or maybe….tomorrow?